Sea Foamy Silk Gardens

Let me just put it out there that my mom is extremely talented in thread work. Sewing, Knitting and Crochet came to her naturally. Even more amazingly, she is fantastic at shuttle tatting, which is a relatively rare type of lace-making. More on this another time.

I admire my mom. She is loving, smart and strong, and I must add specifically that she is a super grandma to her 3 grandchildren too.

Because of her heroine-status (to me) when it comes to craft, I often feel like a little girl when I show her my projects. Now, since mom has become all FB-savvy, I’ve discovered that I also get kind of giddy when she comments on my finished pieces :)

Anyway, I decided to knit her a scarf as a quasi-Christmas pressie (quasi because she hasn’t received it yet and it’s almost her birthday…UGH!! :p). I was 3/4 done when I showed it to her. Why did I show her? Because I wasn’t sure if she’d like the colour scheme :p So I brought it out and she said “don’t make so many scarves.” To which I replied, disappointed, “Oh but I’m making it for you…” (there’s that little-girl coming out again), and she says, “Well in that case, it’s alright then, HAHA.” Doink…:p

I finished it last week before NY, but I couldn’t find the right surface to block it on. So here it is, unblocked:

This is the first time I’ve used Noro yarn! I have very sensitive skin, and Noro yarns tend to be on the slightly scratchier side (for me). However, Mandy from Twisted Threads said that it gets softer with washing, and truly it had the kind of colours that I thought mom might like, so Silk Garden it was :)

As a bonus, the pattern came free with the purchase of the Noro yarn, so, SCORE! :D You can find variations of the same pattern on Ravelry if you search for “Sea Foam”. Here’s a close up of the pattern pre-blocked):

The colours blend more gradually than they look in the photos.

This pattern is basically created by making YOs (yarn overs) and then dropping them (like making button-holes of various sizes), while framing the knitted piece with garter stitches.

Wish me luck with the blocking!

P.S. I only have 20ish rows left on the second sleeve of the Manly Boy Jacket left! Woot!

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5 Responses to Sea Foamy Silk Gardens

  1. Louisa Yim says:

    Like mother like daughter Jen. You are so talented. I love that scarf!!! I love the pattern and colour co-ordination.
    Your blog is really good too. I did my own website over 12 months ago and you will get use to all the jargons of coding and WYSIWYG type coding.

    Good luck with your projects.


  2. Jho says:

    Loving the blog Jen! And wow, that scarf is beautiful. Love how all the colours all blend into each other. Knitting completely stumps me. Really beautiful work.

  3. admin says:

    Thanks for your encouragement Loulou & Jho!
    I’ve just blocked the scarf, by tomorrow it will be ready to have the ends woven in and my mom can take it home with her :)
    I’m going to put up a post about blocking…hope it helps other knitters :)

  4. I truly think your scarf beautiful and only wish that I could also produce something so lovely

    • JCL says:

      Thank you so much Jane! You might be interested to know that this yarn I used is Japanese :)
      Come back to visit soon…hoping to post a bit more regularly (if only those boxes would unpack themselves….)

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