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God will see me through April 16th

[This is an updated/edited post from my old blog. This is my personal experience and opinion.] 17 years ago today, I thought my life had literally ended. I watched my beloved daddy, his vitals dropping, slipping away from us, and … Continue reading

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The Centre-Pull Ball – Photo Tutorial

I don’t have access to a yarn-winding service, and don’t have a yarn winder either, so I had to learn how to unwind a hank of yarn, and hand-wind it myself. I’m also a fan of pulling my yarn from … Continue reading

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Zooming Ziggy in the Sun

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!! I pray that this year will see good health, joy and peace to all of us. My NY blog-resolution is to start posting about my cooking adventures, about tatting, and about motherhood in order to … Continue reading

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Knitting – Risky All ‘Round

Having a chronic pain in the wrist, the right wrist no less (I’m right-handed), is truly devastating. It affects everything about me. Picking up and carrying my son, crafting, cooking, music-playing…it was painful to do any of those things! The … Continue reading

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Yes, Jesus loves me…I think?

2009 – Switzerland. A young couple cradling their 8-week-old baby girl stood in the Zurich airport seeing her new grandparents off. They were probably speaking of looking forward to their next visit, promising to email photos and make regular phone-calls, … Continue reading

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Bloom for a little beauty in bloom

When I was told that I was having a boy, I was confused because initially we were told we were having a girl! So I decided I’d try to be on the safe side as much as possible, and make … Continue reading

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Every once in a while, you come across a design that you just HAVE to make right away, and I’m sure you’ll understand once you see this super duper cute “t-shirt”, “Fratello”, designed by tiKKI (I’m on a tiKKi-roll right … Continue reading

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Backing up a bit

Oh dear friends, I do apologise for being away for so long without a word. Turns out moving houses with a bub is really THAT difficult. Eeks…so much to say to bring you up to speed. So we were moving … Continue reading

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Winter Knitting in Summer

OK, so I finished knitting the Manly Boy Jacket ages ago. Why are there no photos? Well, I procrastinated on piecing everything together when I got frustrated with the sizing :p Instead of a size 1 or 2, I reckon … Continue reading

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Blocking, not for Blockheads

Whenever I think of “Blocking”, I think of my all-time favorite comic strip “Peanuts” by Charles Schultz. Lucy, Peppermint Patty and probably Sally always used to say, “You blockhead!!” at the boys (Charlie Brown, Linus etc.). Yes I’m known for … Continue reading

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