Zooming Ziggy in the Sun

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!! I pray that this year will see good health, joy and peace to all of us.

My NY blog-resolution is to start posting about my cooking adventures, about tatting, and about motherhood in order to fulfill what the tagline on my blog promises :p

During my long break from knitting in 2011, one of my favorite designers, tiKKi brought a new boy-design out on Ravelry and she named it Ziggy. It is my favorite of all her designs so far! I knew immediately what color I wanted to knit this in for my little Z-man.

The trouble was that I needed a washable yarn that was non-acrylic, won’t droop, has good stitch definition, and is suitable for children’s delicate skin. Add to that the color I wanted, and I thought I’d never be able to knit Ziggy.

Along came my favorite yarn salesperson – Ruth from Woolsy Trading Post (Geelong), who pointed me to the Heirloom Easycare 8ply color 744. I didn’t want the really bright yellow like the “gold” in the Westcoast Eagles’ colors, but neither did I want the washed out yellow you see in “traditional” baby knitwear. 744 was perfect. It is machine-washable and 100% wool. Due to its crepe-twisted-structure, it IS a tad less smooth/soft to the touch, but it’s not scratchy.

A bright, fun-looking hoody for my sunny, cheeky boy :)

Info for the Ziggy Z-man Hoody:
Yarn: Heirloom Easy Care 8ply (5.5 skeins of 744)
Needles: 3.5mm (didn’t hit gauge but didn’t want to go any smaller)
Size: 12months, knit for Z from 18-24mths (due to my loose gauge and Z’s skinny size).
Mods: none whatsoever because it’s perfect the way it is :)
Lesson learnt: I knit tighter in-the-round than straight…so the hood is way bigger than I expected :p

I was satisfied with my seaming of the underarms :)

Could've gone down to a 3.25 or even 3.00mm for the hood, but either way, I love how the Ziggy pattern continues up the hood :)

If you look closely, his right hand and his bottle are marked with black...the result of this zooming boy zig-zagging around in the garage, running his hand along my dirty car!!! SIGH (I don't usually let him walk/run in the front driveway/garage without holding my hand btw)

This hoody will last him at least all of 2012 :) I had in mind a hoody that suited my boy’s personality – his sunny smile, cheerful attitude, and adventurous and cheeky ways. So what do you think?

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7 Responses to Zooming Ziggy in the Sun

  1. Jhoanna says:

    Good to see you back for 2012! I really adore the yellow – I’m loving yellow at the moment too. And Z looks adorable as always. Looking forward to reading more!

  2. Blazn says:

    As a 34 year old dude, I’m not a crafty cat by any stretch of the stretch, but I do love your blog JCL. It’s so lovely. Will try to read more regularly! Cheerios!

  3. Felicia Lau says:

    Looks great…..business opportunity perhaps?

  4. Rafia says:

    WOW I love this hoody!!! I wish I knew to knit. I only remember knit and pearl and how to knit straight LOL

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