Bloom for a little beauty in bloom

When I was told that I was having a boy, I was confused because initially we were told we were having a girl! So I decided I’d try to be on the safe side as much as possible, and make and buy everything unisex. Of course, that just meant I had license to buy and make lots of green things (yes yes yes it’s my favorite color)!

When I had another scan at almost 30weeks, they said again that it was a boy, so I thought well maybe I should believe them now haha. I went out and bought a set of trains to decorate the wall above his cot, and then of course, I looked for boy-patterns on Ravelry and Etsy etc. I found it really difficult to get cool boy-patterns, and to make things worse, all the girl-patterns were so so so so darling! Once again, I “met” designs that I couldn’t resist, so I made shoes (sewn), hat (crocheted) and dress (knitted, the Acacia a couple of posts ago) for my niece to satisfy that “Oh I must make that right now!!!!” thing.

When my sister told me that our friend (and genius cake designer) Natalia had given birth to a baby girl, I immediately searched for something I could make for baby Lani. When I saw her photos, I knew I had chosen the perfect thing.

This is the last item for my tiKKi knitathon, as I have queued several other projects and am working on a design of my own at the moment. This dress is called “Bloom”, and over the course of its production, Lani was blossoming very quickly, more and more gorgeous every day, indeed she is like a flower blooming in spring.

It took me a while to make this as I moved in between, but here it is, Bloom, knit with Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 4ply on 3.25mm. Knit in the round and seamless with the bonus of the 200g ball of Luxury that meant only TWO ends to weave in! SCORE!

“Bloom” is designed so that as the child grows, it can become a cute top. It looks a bit red here but it’s a deeper shade, close to burgundy.

I may or may not post a pic of Lani up on this blog, but just believe me when I say that she looked sooooo sweet in it, and I am happy to report that Natalia’s reaction to it really made my day :)

Babies sure are blessings, not just to the family but to those around them. They add just that bit of extra color to our lives don’t they? :)

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2 Responses to Bloom for a little beauty in bloom

  1. Tong Huey says:

    Hey, I think Bloom is in the same colour as the camisole I am working on. I just love this deep deep shade of maroon/burgundy :)

    • JCL says:

      Yes me too, initially I was worried that people would say it’s a bit oldish but the reception has been great so far :D

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