Beginning from an End

It’s 31st December, 2010, and I’m officially launching my new blog. I guess it would’ve been natural to launch it at the beginning of 2011, “new beginnings” and all, but 2010 was such a special year to me, that I wanted to somehow overlap my joy of 2010 with my excitement for 2011…so, today is perfect :)

At the risk of sounding cliche, I really wanted to say, “What a year it has been!” Hear me out because I really mean that!

In 2010 we moved 1.5hrs away from Melbourne to live in Geelong when I was 25weeks pregnant, and proceeded to safely deliver our precious little boy in May. OK, it sounds simple, but let me assure you that no part of the above was simple, especially that little tidbit about giving birth!

Although the current theme and layout on my blog is nothing like what I have in mind for its future, hopefully you can see on the top right of the page that this blog was created so that I could muse about crafting, cooking, child-rearing and contemplating life, and for me personally, life in Christ.

I do ask that you, my dear reader, be patient with me as I recount some of the things I’ve made/done/experienced this year, while at the same time, post about current projects, thoughts, etc.

Oh, and PLEASE do leave a comment, even if it’s to correct my grammar ;) I’d love love love to hear from everyone.

I cannot wait to show you something I’m working on at the moment…so I better end this post and start preparing the next one!

So friends, I will leave you for a short while, with my latest, yet definitely on-going project (or as some crafters would say, WIP). He was 5.5months when this photo was taken :)

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2 Responses to Beginning from an End

  1. Bren says:

    Ah Jen, you are SO creative! Love the jacket you’re knitting, the colours are very fun. Also love the pic of the cute little man! Happy blogging…

    • admin says:

      Thanks m’dear, both for looking at my blog, and your kind words :D I’m looking at girly patterns now…might send something over for Kayley some time this year! Do come back to this blog when you’re bored ;)

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